Awesome Octagon Ceiling Design And Decor

Decorate Octagon Ceiling Design

Octagon ceiling design – Be inspired by its decoration by the shape of its entrance of the octagon. Guide the geometry of space when choosing the elements of your interior design scheme. Find the elements that mimic and complement the architecture of the space itself. Do not overlook the little details that will make your vision complete. Create a pattern on the floor of your entrance that mimics the octagon shape of the space. Options include having octagonal tiles covering the entire area in your choice of colors, with or without extra design embellished with them. Another idea is to set your favorite solid floor and place an octagon insertion right in the center of the room.

Look for additional opportunities to mimic the shape of the space. Install an octagonal medallion on the ceiling under any luminaries. Other options include octagon ceiling design tiles to match the octagon pattern on the floor. For more than one cohesive blow, install a lamp that contains octagon shapes on it. For example, use a chandelier with octagon-shaped prisms or balloon tones in your choice of decoration colors. Invest in an octagon entry table and a custom cover that brings the octagon shape in more detail. For example, custom adapt a tablecloth that folds on each edge so that the shape of the octagon is seen all the way to the floor.

Customize chairs and benches by painting or coloring the shape of an octagon in the seats. Another option is to cover the chairs with fabric that contains octagons and add cushions for benches of the same fabric. Hang custom curtains made of fabric that contains an octagon ceiling design to moor regular rectangular windows in the layout scheme. Sun-collectors and wind chimes in the form of octagons is another option to add geometric drama and color to the windows. Other accessories to carry your shaped entrance include candlesticks, baskets for keys or mail and shelves for storage.

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