Best Duplicate Ceiling Ideas

Luxury Duplicate Ceiling Ideas

Duplicate ceiling ideas – The furniture, the distribution, the materials, the lighting, the coverings … many aspects must be taken into account when designing a project or a space, leaving out elements that are sometimes insignificant or unattractive, such as for example, the roof. Although they are not given so much attention, duplicate ceiling ideas should be designed with the same care and dedication as any other element of a composition, being these the protagonists in a space thanks to the versatility and great amount of options to create unique and striking compositions about this surface. Regardless of the style or size of the space, a well designed ceiling can make your project have a totally different perspective, incorporating new materials, textures and lighting sets in its design.

Gypsum moldings were used in times past to create intricate ornaments in upper class houses and palaces, being the baroque and rococo styles. Nowadays, its use continues to gain popularity thanks to the malleability of the stucco to create shapes and designs adaptable to all styles and projects, being an excellent option to add several dimensions to the roof of a space, to embed lights to create different types of lighting or simply hiding electrical installations to. Its installation has been industrialized, allowing buying pieces ready to be attached to the duplicate ceiling ideas panels to cut and adapt to each design.

The panels are elements that allow you to create different scales and heights in a single environment, playing with their height, proportions and inclination as the design requires. With many options for coating the panels, these elements make a flat and simple ceiling a complex and elaborate design with only several ceiling of the desired material to add texture, color and new possibilities for electrical installations. The duplicate ceiling ideas designs always seek to complement and be generated from certain parameters within a space playing with lines and harmonious figures to create a harmonious composition.