Best U Shaped Floor Plans

Cute U Shaped Floor Plans

U-shaped floor plans – Design of a modern U-shaped house located in front of the sea in an area of ​​land of 300 square meters, two challenges had to face the designers, one is to control the strong winds of the area and the other to make a house auto – enough or also called passive house, they were able to fulfill both challenges. The structure of the house in U is solid, two enveloping arms protect the rooms from entering strong air currents, at this point we must indicate that this form of the house is also appropriate to create a micro-climate to the center. The floors  and concrete, have gained popularity in the interior design, are versatile, allow several styles of decoration in addition to providing unique textures to the environments.

Depending on the architectural design, there are different finishes in this type of floor: rusty concrete, polished, but what if it is safe, is that leaving this finish for the floor of your house can be an economical alternative without many complications. Concrete u-shaped floor plans provide a hard surface for both interior and exterior, offering high strength and durability.

Linoleum u-shaped floor plans are a good choice when our budget is adjusted to renew the appearance of our floor. This type of floor is glued to the surface with adhesives, so we can find it in various sizes and measures, making its installation a little easier and functional for any room in the house, because it is easy to clean and allows The heavy traffic of any stay. Linoleum is considered an environmentally friendly material because it is made from natural products. On the other hand it is biodegradable. As for the contrast, we can say that although it is tough and easy to clean, linoleum does not have the same appeal as floors of high-end materials and that aesthetic appearance is sometimes important, although for the great variety of Colors and designs, you will surely find a spectacular one and achieve modern combinations.