Create False Ceilings Design With Fans And Lighting

Living Room False Ceilings Design With Fans

False ceilings design with fans – If you want to dramatically transform your living room or any other room, I suggest you make a false ceilings design with fans and lighting. Instructions: To begin, determine which will be the size of the protruding part and the depth of the cornice. If the wall is furniture, then raise the protrusion from the wall so that the lights do not shine in the upper part of the cabinet or wall. Second, adjust the source ceiling plaster. Especially the part of the good as it will be visible due to the false ceiling. Considering the dimensions, the marks make the ceiling and walls.

The average height of the ceiling is lowered? 15cm is the height of the eaves? 8 cm and the height of that niche? 7 cm. The electrical wires are laid on the walls (it was convenient to install fixtures) at the same height (15 cm from the ceiling). Third, make a niche of sheet GVL, the suspended ceiling will require strength. To assemble, use metal corners. The resulting ceiling structure to further ensure the stiffening of spackling. Fourth, after zashpaklyuete, grinding andzagruntuete predetermined places for inventory output cable ends for the fan and lighting of false ceilings design with fans and light. To move the selected area, wavy cable through which connect the LED strips.

Pin horizontal guides, cut and set GCR strip recess bottom. Turn the GCR to the bottom of the cornice of the ceiling. Close the end of the cornice. Sixth, set to guide the corners of beveled corners. Zashpaklyuyte bottom of niches, it should be slippery, without depressions and burial mounds. Ceiling paste over the paint coating to the joints of FCL is not cracked. Last, when will insert ceiling lists, ceiling lights and fan look like holes? Install spotlights make stacking and connectivity of LED lenty. Now false ceilings design with fans and light is ready. And then, after step-by-step, you can make your own hanging ceiling backlit in his apartment, which will delight not only residents but also visitors to your apartment.

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