Custom Steampunk Ceiling Lights

Steampunk Ceiling Lights Fixtures

Steampunk Ceiling Lights – The Steampunk decoration is not born of the ideas of an interior designer or a decoration magazine. The Steampunk decorative style stems from the literary creativity of science fiction authors. This decoration is based on a retro-futuristic style with touches of the most unique and extravagant that surely does not leave anyone indifferent. Steampunk unfolds in an environment where steam technology remains the predominant and usually located in England during the Victorian era, where it is not uncommon to find common elements of science fiction or fantasy.

I taught you how to make this steampunk ceiling lights style pipe lamp, to give it a vintage touch to the decor of any place. Take a steel elbow and a galvanized nipple and thread together the pieces, then join the elbow with the flange we assembled the material. Arma also the other elbow. Up to this point, you must have two pieces, which will be the base of our lamp. Take one of the T’s and attach it to the top with a galvanized nipple, this will be the piece that will join the flanges that we set before. Take the longer steel galvanized nipple. At the bottom, screw it up with a T and at the top with the steel bell. Once you have this piece ready, attach it to the base we already had in the previous step.

Until this moment you will see that the base of the steampunk ceiling lights is ready, we just need to place the focus and make this garment. Pass the light wire through the T and make sure the tip comes out through the hood. Take the socket, untwist it and place the socket base on the hood, passing it between the cables. In this step, we will work with the tip of the cable. Cut it in half, guiding you with the marked line and with a cutter, once you have cut it in the form of ‘Y’ you will cut the plastic one or two centimeters until you can see the exposed wire.