Cute Unfinished Basement Ceiling Ideas

Amazing Unfinished Basement Ceiling Ideas

Unfinished basement ceiling ideas – It can be hard enough to decorate a finished place, even less than an unfinished one. You do not have to let the task of decorating your unfinished basement scare you. With some time and some cheap ideas you can turn your precious basement into a functional and enjoyable place in the home. Most basement ceilings are made with acoustic plates and grids, commonly called drop taken. They are common because they are easy to maneuver around heat and ventilation ducts, beams and tubes. Drop roof also provides an optimal medium for decorating. Because of the porous material, you can easily insert the pins into them.

Unfinished basement ceiling ideas, use this method to bind foil stars to the plates. Bend the gem around the grid for those who want to hang balloons, aircraft models or beach balls. If the task is too low in the basement to hang something that dangles for more than a couple of inches, you can remove the tiles and paint them. Make a grid pattern or pictures paint on them. You can also paint sheet-rock ceilings as easily, if that’s what you have in your basement.

The ideas you can apply to decorate your cellar walls are almost endless. Paint is your best friend when it comes to block stone walls used in most unfinished basement ceiling ideas. You do not have to restrict yourself to the traditional accent wall and complementary colors. You can use blocks and multi-color color to create patterns. You can also use a black or dark color and narrow brush like painting a puzzle scene on one or all of the walls. Paint a variety of colors or, if you have an artistic gift, turn it into a simple scene that fits together. Do not forget that children’s hand prints make great decorations and even better memories. If noise seems to resound from the walls and in the rest of your home you can tone it down with a few quick fixes. Attach sticks along the walls of the basement and hang drapes that match your furniture. Use plenty of area rugs to help dampen noise factors.