Decorate Dropped Ceiling

Dropped Ceiling Modern

Dropped ceiling – Just because you have a dropped roof does not mean your kitchen must feel closed and small. It area some way to lighten up the space with lighting, accessories and paint to create a more open feel to the kitchen. With a dropped roof, adorn the surroundings with bright colors and reflective surfaces help to illuminate a light and open plan solution. Adding undercount lights to kitchen hatches helps light up the space without hitting hard lights. Remember to be creative and embrace the existing space while adding your own decorative details.


Beautify the dropped ceiling with decorative tiles. Use light and shiny metal or tin plates to revitalize the appearance of the kitchen and create a brighter place. Keep the kitchen open by painting the dropped ceiling in a light color like cream or beige. Remove all luminaires from the ceiling before painting for a clean and fresh design. Install a light tiled floor for an open feeling that one is already closed in space. Use the same color in the ceiling color for tile colors to tie the room together.

Add small accent lights to the kitchen counter for extra lighting that is soft and elegant, unlike the typical hard-sized large-scale projector, there are loose dropped ceiling. Put them on a dining table or along a backsplash for extra light. Use wall lights for accented framed photographs and other parts of the drawing in the kitchen. Add a decorative light over the counter for extra work lighting. Install a metal backsplash to reflect light into the kitchen and create a greater sense of space. Light from the lights will help illuminate the backsplash for a warm glow. Add a large mirror to the kitchen to help reflect the light and give an illusion of a larger space. Put small hanging lights over a center island to accent space and add lighting to the kitchen space.

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