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Wall carpet design are available in different shades, but one thing that gray carpets make – regardless of shade – are suitable for a modern look and feel. The key to choosing colors with gray mat is discretion. All colors are fine with a gray mat because it is neutral, but knowing how much color to use and where to use it can make or break your design.

Monochromatic Colors

Using a monochromatic color scheme in a room with a wall carpet design creates an elegant, modern look. Combine lighter and darker shades of gray, along with black and white. For example, paint your walls a lighter shade of gray, and cover your bed with white sheets. Choose black furniture, and make it blank if you want the room to pop. Accessorize with silver or aluminum screen frames and vases and lamps with slides, clear glass or white bases.

Warm colors

Use a warm color to create a vibrant, vibrant feel in a room. All warm colors are fine with gray. Yellow, orange and yellow-green are popular choices. One idea is to paint your walls in white and yellow stripes, or go with yellow and white geometric or floral wallpaper. Choose a gray or white sofa for your living room, and use yellow for your pillows. Add pops of yellow, for example in lampshades, a stuffed chair, a yellow painting or yellow window treatments.

Cool Colors

Look at purple or aqua shades to give a room a feeling you go for. Choose violet for warmth or aqua or blue for peace. In a dining room with wall carpet design, paint walls aqua. Pull it gray and aqua together in patterned upholstery for dining chairs. Dress the table with black, shiny accessories. Neutral colors like all shades of white and beige can be used in a gray matte room. . Paint all the walls in the living room each shade of white. Add a natural fiber beige rug over the carpet. Finish appearance using beige pillows as an accent to a white or gray sofa and armchairs.

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