DIY L Shaped Office Desk

Awesome L Shaped Office Desk

L-shaped office desk – An L-shaped desktop is also called a traditional corner desk. It provides two work spaces for those who work in the office. Buying L-shaped corner tables can be an expensive transaction because you pay for wood, design and often the brand. Building your own home can be done without breaking your budget. Additionally, a home-made design allows you to specially cut desktop surfaces that fit your home office and room layout.

Place the tape measure horizontally on a wall that makes up the corner where you want to place the L-shaped office desk. Determine how long you want a page of the L desktop to be and write the measurement down. Repeat this step with the other wall in the corner, so you have two custom dimensions. Lay down a plywood board. Place a graduation disc on the other end of the horizontal straight line, opposite the vertical drawn line. Place graduation disc directly at the end of the row, matching the end of the row to the middle circle of gradient. Cut the two desktop surfaces with a table saw. Stand six table legs straight up and place plywood square on each leg’s top surfaces so that an inch is visible around all four sides of each box.

Rotate the two plywood desk upside down, so that the underside is facing upwards. Turn the table legs upside down, so the plywood panel is facing downwards. Place two table legs in the two 90-degree corners on a single plywood piece. Place another two legs on other 90-degree corners on the other plywood desk. Slide the two desktops together so that the two 45-degree cuts cut out. Place the two remaining legs on top of the cut, so each plywood square is on both desks. Nail the legs in place, so they are evenly spaced apart. You can call your friend to join in this L-shaped office desk project.

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