Do It Your Self: U Shaped Desk Home Office

U Shaped Desk Home Office With File Cabinet

U-shaped desk home office – To make u-shaped desk home office, starting by sketch design for desktop on paper. Measure the area you have decided to put the desk. Then open the measuring tape and place it on the floor to determine the final measurements for your desk. You need two measurements the total width of the desk that will be at the bottom of the figure “U”. And also the total length of the desktop which is the length of the pages of “U.” Second, transfer these measurements to plates of medium-density fiberboard or MDF. You must use a piece to the entire length of the desk. Or at the bottom of the “U” and two pieces of desk minus the measurement of the desk prima.

A good sized u-shaped desk home office is six feet wide and six feet tall. This would make the bottom of “U” six feet long by two feet wide. The sides will be four feet long by two feet wide. Third, sand cut edges to remove any splintered wood. Fourth, turn three pieces up and down on the worktop. Line edges up to make “U” shape with the longest piece at the bottom of “U.” Fifth, place three flat brackets over both seams where the two pieces meet. Sixth, screw each bracket into place with a screw at each end; attach the bracket to the underside of the desk. Seventh, put a threaded tube flange on the underside of the desk outside four corners.

A pipe flange has a flat side that will seat against the forest and a threaded side that will screw onto metal tube legs. Place two flanges on the inner corners at the tips of “U.” Place two more flanges across the outer edge of the desktop at the bottom of the “U”, and one more on each side. There are eight pipe flanges for eight legs. Next, distribute each flange on the underside of the u-shaped desk home office with four screws in each flange. Screw the pipe into each metal flange. Put the remaining eight flanges to the bottom of the metal poles. Turn the u-shaped desk home office over and sand the top and sides. Last, wipe clean with a clean cloth and paint or stain as desired.