Explore Some Unique Ceiling Fans Like Propeller

Oak Ceiling Fans Like Propeller

Ceiling fans like propeller – In addition to the cooling purpose, the ceiling fans are now designed with many new designs, bring a different space for your home, explore some unique ceiling fan on the market.

In addition to the cooling purpose, the ceiling fans are now designed with many new designs, bringing a different space for your home, not just a fan, it is strange light. Create, decorate furniture extremely attractive space with your living room. Explore some unique Ceiling fans like propeller fans on the market.

Ceiling fan design blow

This is a ceiling fan with modern design with lights on the rotor. Elegant color, light design, suitable for bright white color tone, simple. The product is inspired by the wing-like design of the sycamore leaves. With only 2 wings, this unique ceiling fan ensures aesthetics and cooling function for your space. An interior decoration for cafe space, office space is suitable.

Design ceiling fans like propeller

With the moon-like propeller, with the light bulb inside the wings as gentle moonlight brings romance to the room. Adjustable by modern, convenient remote control. The product deserves one of the current ceiling fan designs. This can be considered as a very different creation because the characteristics of the fan blades automatically bent and drawn automatically. When the fan is open when the fan stops working, it gradually bends in and hid inside very compact, few people guess it is a ceiling fan.

Fan flower design

In general, the exterior of this product is quite similar to the fan away, But different in the rotors when rotating to form a flower and the stigma is a very bright light, creating shimmering and romantic illumination, romance. With the material made of maple wood, creating the unique twisted wing design difference, this is considered a type of ceiling fan to bring the interior space is both rustic and unique. , Bring to the individual express the aesthetic eye of the owner. Above are some of the ceiling fan designs in the world of novelty furniture.