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Carpet grass installation pictures – Putting artificial grass on the terrace , to change the appearance of the environment making it more comfortable, is the task that we are going to teach you this time in here. Placing artificial grass on terrace will make us change appearance of our exterior, in addition to allowing us to be more comfortable than on tiles. It is a very interesting outdoor work, which we will do in a very easy and fast, taking advantage of good weather. Among different models of grass or artificial grass that we can find in market, we have opted for one that has blades of different shades, so effect is much more realistic. In addition, they are protected by a filter that will prevent them from fading due to inclement weather. So that rainwater drains perfectly, base has holes.

After thoroughly cleaning entire surface, present material on floor, taking into account direction of blades. To make work much more enjoyable, it is advisable to help someone else. Once we have spread first strip, we mark cut line using a metal ruler and a marker. Next, make cut with help of scissors. Following same procedure we continue to place more strips of carpet grass installation pictures. It is likely that last strip does not enter whole in space that remains, so we will have to adapt it to gap. We take measurements and transport them to carpet.

Next, cut piece to size with scissors and place it in position. Next thing we will do is to adapt artificial grass to place where we are working, cutting corners and areas of union with cutter. To obtain more precise cuts, we will use a spatula with which we will perfectly fit carpet. We also make opening for drain, using shear. Prepare joints between different strips of grass, leaving a margin of a few millimeters and lift material. We can now extend bonding band of first joint on tile and cut it to size, using shear.

Following manufacturer’s instructions, we mix two components of polyurethane adhesive. To do this task, we will need drill provided with a mixing rod. When we have achieved a homogeneous mixture, apply product along whole band, helping us with a notched spatula. As you can see adhesive is green, so that it is fully integrated. Next, we put carpet grass installation pictures well and put weight until adhesive hardens. We do same at all meetings. We finish work by giving a few points of silicone around perimeter of artificial grass, so that wind does not lift it. To do this work, we will need a conventional spray gun to apply silicone.