Gypsum Board Ceiling Design

Gypsum Board Ceiling Design Photos

Gypsum board ceiling design – Ceiling lamps can be placed in different positions in the room. Normal range is the central point in space. In space, the required lighting changes from time to time. When the menu up, a beautiful environment can be make. This is to use a different location of the light. Ceiling lamps can be exposed, hidden or hanging normally. The lighting must also be improved by the use of colored light bulbs. It is important to conserve power by using different light.

Ceiling plaster can be shaped to accommodate different points of light. Straight fluorescent lamps are usually located at the end of the ceiling and walls. Down lighters can be placed in the four corners of the room Soffits. To get the effect of a different light in the rooms, the gypsum board ceiling design to allow the hollow place in the schedule. The cable is usually done, but with different parameters. Dimmer can also be used to enhance the effect of light in the room.

Points of light on the gypsum board ceiling design plaster was first identified. Hidden point formed by chopping boards gypsum. A whole a foot of three execute corners of the room. This is the interval of five feet from each other. Fires ring ceiling shaped to allow a period of recess. The depth of the hole is half of the distance. People are loaded up to the point of recession. Cable is also done from the control room. After completion grooves plaster points easier down drilled into the ceiling. This is used to complement the neon lights. Gypsum then finished and painted two coats. Tube lights installed and then fixed into the recesses. Cigarette lighters down also fixed to the ceiling and angled to the desired degree. After all the lights in place and tested, the final painting was then completed. Hooks can also be painted with different colors from the ceiling to add more beauty to the lighting.

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