Gypsum Board False Ceilings Designs

Gypsum Board False Ceilings Designs Popular

Gypsum Board False Ceilings Designs – False ceilings are a great solution for different types of objectives and although we often think of these types of structures only as a matter of functionality, the truth is that aesthetically also provide a unique touch that can even change the perspective of the rooms. A false plaster ceiling can help us to give a special lighting touch without seeing directly the light source, hide the heating or the door frames, they are even helpful if we want to make an environment look bigger or highlight details of an old roof. In the living room of this house, the gypsum board false ceilings were created of plasterboard to visually diminish the height of the staircase to the side of the room.

The gypsum board false ceilings designs is a way of framing the staircase that stands out thanks to its design in steel and glass that, from one side, shines its lines in a white that contrasts with the background. False ceilings can occupy the entire roof surface or simply be an insert, this gives them the greater versatility of the design. gypsum board false ceilings are also a great decorative option, in this case, a building with Art Nouveau style of the twentieth century had a remodeling in which was integrated the entrance and the main hall demolishing the wall that separated them. The gypsum board false ceilings were placed in the form of two frames that highlight the original decoration of the ceilings is not a beautiful way to highlight those details.

In a department where the meters do not spare the plaster can be the great aesthetic solution but also functional. In this case, it was decided to create a plaster library that is accompanied by a false ceiling with light. The light is the protagonist in this room also accompanying the library, thus achieving a corner with an unequaled visual lightness. Gypsum board false ceilings designs are also a great opportunity to add style to any corner, in this case, we see how a common hallway is transformed into a path with a great effect.

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