How To Move Heavy Furniture On The Grass Carpet

Grass Carpet Custom

Grass carpet – It can be difficult to move a heavy furniture on the carpet. In most cases, you must use some equipment and have at least one assistant to move furniture safely and successfully. Plan in advance to get everything in hand when you start the task, and keep patience so that you do not hurt the furniture or the carpet – or the people.


Slides are a must if you do not intend to do them. The levers to help lift a corner to put a picture in place are also available. A dolly is useful if you are transporting a small piece from room to room. To make pictures, cut heavy box cartons in rectangles slightly larger than each leg of the furniture, or use a heavy plastic container lid in each leg. Take care of at least one other person, if possible. Empty shelves and remove boxes from the play to be moved.

Tilt heavy furniture, using a furniture lifter if necessary, to lift a leg and stop a wear in place under the leg. A helper can help with this process. Repeat the process for each leg. Bought slides have a smooth plastic bottom that slides easily on the carpet and a foam top that shapes around the bottom of the leg. Either protects the grass carpet from dry cows and tears. Gently pull the sides of heavy furniture mounted on the images and move smoothly over the grass carpet to a new location. Draw places less stress on the back than to drive. Take advantage of every corner again when you get to the new place for your furniture and take the pictures.

Tips and warnings

Use a dolly to help move a small piece of heavy furniture. Tie the base of furniture on the narrow plate at the bottom in front of the anvil and lean the piece to the upright to balance it. You can easily shoot or pull a dolly over the grass carpet. If you move through narrow doorways, protect furniture and woodwork through draping furniture move blankets over corner play. Have a helper spot the banana for furniture as it moves to ensure clearance. If a helper is not available, it is possible to move heavy furniture alone, but consider investing in good moving equipment to replace human assistance.