Ideas Wooden Ceiling Panel Design

Unique Wooden Ceiling Panel Design

Wooden ceiling panel design – The roof is fundamental in the construction of a house. Not only is it a basic element for the function it fulfills, but it can also be an extra decorative component in our home. In this sense we can say that both floors and wooden ceilings are intended to cause the same effect: warmth. The wooden ceilings will certainly add warmth and style to any room, rustic, modern, minimalist or Scandinavian, flat or two water, in light or dark tones, the possibilities are many. This is why today’s book of ideas will focus on wooden ceilings and for this we will review different styles, combinations and possible colors.

The construction and installation of wooden ceiling panel design in buildings is very old. It is clear, if wood was the first of the building materials, it was also the first with which design ceilings were built. The function of design ceilings in wood has always been to amaze and disturb the visitors of the room that houses them, highlighting the importance of the activities that are carried out inside. At the same time, the roof design of timber have been a symbol of opulence and Prune r of those (kings, emperors, religions or corporations) who could afford to order one to dazzle your guests.

Before, wooden ceiling panel design were found in temples, libraries or palaces, but now we can also see them in the hall or auditoriums of hotels and institutional buildings. As specialists in wooden ceilings we have been able to participate in the construction of wonderful wood design ceilings, but for that we cease to amaze and to value other works that we are getting acquainted with. Here we bring you a small selection of 8 wooden design ceilings that look really incredible.