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Floating Desk Ideas – Not too long ago and using wood recycling, we managed to increase the thickness of the wood, easily and quickly, in this way, we can do different jobs in wood with different thicknesses without having to buy many boards. With the consequent savings in money and space. In addition, we can use leftover wood to carry out other projects. The materials that we are going to need are a desk, which we can buy or we can make ourselves according to our needs in terms of dimensions, finishes. Like the one we have made a while ago and that we will use for this article If you want to know how to make one.

The measurements of the floating desk ideas, we have made is 60 cm long by 25 deep. It supports a maximum of 15 kilos and the maximum length allowed for the desk is 35 cm. Although there are supports for greater weights and dimensions. We begin the process, for this, we make a mark to 10 cm from the edge in and in the center of the wood, in this case, the wood has a thickness of 32 mm, so the center will be 16 mm. So we will make 2 marks, where later we will insert the hidden supports to hold the desk. Using a drill, open the holes in the wood according to the marks made in the previous step.

We start by passing a 6 mm wood drill bit and then pass a 10 mm wood drill, as the drill has a thickness of 10 mm. In my case, I used a spatter in the water. To apply it I have used the foam roller. Although depending on the finish you want to give the floating desk ideas, you can skip these steps. It’s up to you. We wait for the times indicated by the manufacturer of the fuses to be able to continue working. We already have the wood prepared to decorate it the way we like it, in my case, I have painted it with a watercolor painting in bright orange.

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