Installing Air Deflector Ceiling

Air Deflector Ceiling Ideas

Air deflector ceiling – When the basement is not as hot or as cool as you would like it to be, the solution is usually from well-placed vents on the ceiling. You cannot simply take advantage of any work piece of the duct, however. Some ducts are sized for the room they serve. Others return air to the furnace and central air units to be reheated or cooled and recalculated. Determine the correct main conduit to cut. In the oven, find the air filter. The filter is always in the return duct, just before the air is fed into the furnace. It is another main conduit that you will have to take advantage of. Follow this conduit and mark it as the supply conduit.

Air deflector ceiling, select a location in the main supply conduit that is closest to where the new vent will be. On the side or top of the main supply conduit, use the starter collar to draw a cutout for the new conduit. The new ventilation route should have as few curves as possible, which makes the ideal main duct side. Use the top if necessary. Place the tip of the screwdriver just inside the circle drawn at a 45 degree angle. Strike the handle butt with the hammer to penetrate the duct and start the cut. Use the sheet metal cutting scissors to cut the circle for the starter neck.

Air deflector ceiling, place the starter collar into the new hole and fold your ears back through the inside of the main conduit to keep the collar in place. Secure the starter collar with three equally spaced hex head screws. Run conduit to the location on the vent grille is to be installed, starting at the start collar. Use a strapping duct every 3 to 5 feet if necessary to secure the ductwork to the beams with metal screws. Use as few curves and elbows as possible. Each curve decelerates the airflow. Mount the cash register, if necessary, to the 1 x 2-inch ceiling beams cut to size and nailed to the beams. This step is not necessary for false ceilings or gout.