Installing Modern Ceiling Fans

Best Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern ceiling fans are very easy to place and have a great utility and more now that it will come nice days and intense heat. Below, we leave you a list of steps to know how to install a ceiling fan.  The first thing to do before you start is to cut the light from the main switch of the house. Once you have done this step, you should know what the position where the ceiling fan will be placed. With respect to the distance to the ground, it is recommended of 2.4 meters, and the maximum of 2.7 meters.

Once the position in which it is placed has been decided, the fan support must be fixed to the ceiling, so that the cables coming out of the ceiling are inside the support. The engine, trim, pin and blossom should then be prepared, and then fasten the blade holders to the motor, although it is advisable not to fasten the blades yet, as they may twist or even unbalance the modern ceiling fans.

Modern ceiling fans, you must attach the flap and trim to the post, then route the motor cables through the inside of the post, and then attach the post to the engine, through the pin, the hook and the screws. Be very careful not to damage the cable when inserting the pin into the pin. Then you have to hang all this freshly prepared set of the holder. To do this, you must insert the coupling of the end of the shaft into the open ring of the bracket, and in turn align the slot with the notch. In this way, the engine must remain hanging but subject. be performed fan connections with the wires from the ceiling. The most common is that the light current and fan motor have a single ceiling phase cable to feed the two. If it is this way, the two motor phase wires and fan light will be connected to the same terminal.