Installing Styrofoam Ceiling Beams

Styrofoam Ceiling Beams Antique

Styrofoam ceiling beams – If your basement ceiling is un insulated, you will feel the effects on your feet in front of the winter. An insulated ceiling will transfer the cold air into the basement directly on the floor above, resulting in discomfort and higher energy costs. The addition of foam board insulation to the interstices between your roof beams will go a long way towards fixing these problems.


Measure the distance between your Styrofoam ceiling beams and record the measurements. Place a foam panel down on the floor and cut it to the width you have measured using a matt knife to measure the panel and then break the panel along the line with your hands. Place a staircase at one end of the roof. Apply construction glue on one side of the panel. Lift the panel upwards and place it against the ceiling, push it toward the rim at the end. Hold the panel until the glue is enough to hold the panel in place.

Cut your next panel and butt it towards the end of the first panel. Continue until the length of the roof is covered. Move to the next set of rules and apply more panels with the same technology. Continue until the roof is covered. Measure the distance between your roof beams, inside edge to inside edge. This distance should not vary between the rules. Measure and mark a piece of foam board insulation width of the roof rails and 3 feet long to make handling easier during installation.

Add a ruler to the lines you have drawn and cut along the lines, using the tool knife. Break off Styrofoam ceiling beams on board insulation with hands after the cuts. Apply construction glue on the back of the panel and slide it to the bottom of the sub floor between the bars. Hold it until it sticks. Cut more panels and apply them until you have covered the distance from one end of the roof to the other. Cut the last bit to fit. Continue on the next set of roof beams and apply panels until the entire basement roof is covered.

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