Keep Plush Carpet Tiles In Good Condition

Colorful Plush Carpet Tiles

Plush carpet tiles – The appearance and performance of a carpet are determined by its construction, which can be: boucle, hair cut or combinations of both. For corridors, lobbies, offices, classrooms and other public areas it is recommended to install dense boucle carpets, as they retain their appearance and elasticity for longer. In addition, they better withstand the traffic of the wheelchairs and the carts used to transport food. Cut-pile or cut-pile carpets are suitable options for administration areas, libraries and private offices because the transit is less intense.

There are several types of construction systems that have numerous advantages: better anchorage of the hair, greater stability, Moisture impermeability and fraying resistance. It is extremely important to determine the needs of each environment in order to be able to select correctly the construction system that best suits each situation. 95% of the commercial plush carpet tiles installed are built using the Tufting system, while the rest are woven. Both constructions produce high-quality floor coverings. The Tufting system is a carpet weaving process first implemented in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, in which a large number of needles insert hundreds of rows of yarn (tufs or mats) through a pre-fabric primary).

The needles push the yarn through that primary backing and are then caught by a hook that holds it in place while the needle is withdrawn. When a plush carpet tiles of cut hair is produced, blades are used that cut the boucle. Then, through a process called latexing a secondary backing is applied to anchor the hair and give it greater stability and body.  The yarn comes from cones of a filet era (or very large reels). A roll with primary backing powers the Tufting machine. The yarn passes through the needles that are attached to a bar installed in the Tufting machine. The needles rise and fall continuously penetrating the primary backing.