L Shaped Farm Houses Styles

L Shaped Farm Houses Modern

L shaped farm houses – Originally created to accommodate “agricultural life” farmhouses usually include large kitchens and other larger than average rooms, according to the website Farm Plans. The site also reports that both a “deck roof covered by shingles or tin” and a “partial or fully enclosed porch” are the staples of a farmhouse.

Foldable Monitors

According to farm plans, L shaped farm houses porches are usually the full height of the first story of the house. Because of this, retractable screens are an option to enclose a long porch and keep with country style. Retractable screens are often remote controlled and can also be made to block ultraviolet rays. The screens can also provide protection during the winter season. These screens are common in classic New England farmhouses.

Large Windows

Linked wooden porches with large swing-open windows are also common in L shaped farm houses. This style porch is very similar to a sun room, for example, on a farmhouse where a closed porch has mid-wall to ceiling windows without curtains to filter the light. You can add a ceiling fan, furniture and ceramic floors to make this porch feel more than a room, improve your living room. Swing quiet windows can be easily opened during the summer and closed in winter.

Mixed Porch

A mixed porch is a wrap-around porch where the porch on one side of the house is completely open and the porch on the opposite side of the house is surrounded by large mid-wall to ceiling windows. The architectural firm, historical concept won the 2002 Palladio Awards (honors traditional design) to restore an l shaped farm houses with this type of porch. At this house, the enclosed window porch is outside the master suite and the open porch is on the opposite side of the home. The mixed porch meets the front door. A mixed porch is found on plantation-style farmhouses.

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