L Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan

Concrete And Wood L Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan

L-shaped Kitchen Floor Plan – Use solid wood for the l-shaped kitchen floor. No copy, however good it may be, is able to match the beauty of real wood. Available in a wide range of shades and textures. It fits well with any style, from a contemporary apartment to a country house, and will never go out of style. A uniform texture is contemporary. While knots and irregularities go better with a more traditional set. Advantage:  the wood is very pleasant to walk barefoot as it is flexible and warm to the touch. It is renewable, recyclable, beautiful, solid and durable. It can be sanded and will look like new, and can also be dyed in tons of tones.

Disadvantage: solid wood slats move. Especially if the environment is damp or if the floor is often cleaned. A base is required, which makes the installation more expensive. In addition, they are stained and scratched easily. And also can accentuate the passage of time in the most trafficked areas. For example in front of the washing basin. It is true that the wooden floors can be sanded, but it is a rather cumbersome procedure, especially for small L-shaped kitchen floor plan. As for the radiant slab with an authentic wooden floor is impossible.

Can also using porcelain L-shaped kitchen floor plan. If the expression “maintenance-free” is music for your ears, the porcelain tile is perfect for your kitchen. It does not need sealing and is very resistant. Advantages:  porcelain is hygienic, difficult to scratch or crack and can be cleaned with virtually any product. The heating by radiators works perfectly with this material. Tiles are usually uniform in size and do not require wide joints, which prevents dirt from accumulating. Disadvantages: The porcelain tile does not have the charm of wood. In addition, they are usually more expensive than ceramic.