Measure Average Carpet Pile Height

The Best Average Carpet Pile Height

Average carpet pile height – A carpet can greatly enhance the overall appearance of a room, creating a more home-like feel. Carpets can also eliminate echoes and noise from steps in a room and are an ideal choice for busy areas prone to dirt, as it is much easier to clean a carpet compared to wall-to-wall carpeting. Before buying or relocating a carpet, you need to know its dimensions. Unroll the carpet, and evaluate it to determine if it will be completely flat. A new, rug may not be completely flat, which will result in an inaccurate measurement.

Ask a friend to walk on the edge of the carpet. Then pull the carpet taught (Pull it in the same direction as it unwinds.) And flat; ask a second friend to stand at the opposite end. You can also use heavy objects such as a chair or a pair of phone books. Before you measure average carpet pile height. Measure the carpet length by extending the tape measure along the long edge of the carpet (in the case of a square or rectangular area rug). If the carpet is oval, fold it in half (widthwise), and measure along the crease to determine the length. Measure the wide carpet along the edge of the carpet in the case of a square or rectangular carpet area. If the carpet is oval or circular, fold the carpet in a medium (lengthwise for an oval carpet) and measure along the crease to determine the width (or diameter, in case of a circular carpet).

Measure average carpet pile height if the carpet will extend under a door or if a door will move over the carpet when it opens. The space between the bottom of the door and the floor surface must be equal to or greater than the height of the pile of carpet. Record all measurements – length, diameter and height width and height, or just in the case of a circular carpet – on a piece of paper, and use this for reference.