Modern U Shaped Home In Front Of The Sea

Popular Modern U Shaped Home

Modern u-shaped home – This is a house more than interesting that we will not be able to see anywhere. Although its square meters are 180 (a standard measure) its form is of the most particular. It is a U shaped house plan that includes a living room, a dining room, a kitchen as common use areas of the house. The kitchen is located in the center, an area that seems ideal since it is the meeting place of the whole family. Design of a modern U-shaped house located in front of the sea in an area of ​​land of 300 square meters, two challenges had to face the designers, one is to control the strong winds of the area and the other to make a house auto enough or also called passive house, they were able to fulfill both challenges. The structure of the house in U is solid, two enveloping arms protect the rooms from entering strong air currents, and at this point we must indicate that this form of the house is also appropriate to create a micro-climate to the center.

The large windows overlook the interior of the building and provide a good source of natural light, as the modern u-shaped home is passive, has been placed cork as insulation material to maintain low levels of energy consumption used in heating and cooling the latter are obtained Thanks to the solar panels; The water in the pool does not apply chemical treatment and the gardens are kept green thanks to rainwater harvesting.

On the next floor as the master bedroom have a privileged view facing the sea, even the room seems to float in the air, something that surfers do when they are running waves, so the owner of the house that has this Profession is very happy. Map of the modern u-shaped home, on the right side we have the social area and to the left the bedrooms or intimate area, in the background there is a dedicated room for the storage of surfboards and marine equipment

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