My Ceiling Fan Blade Covers But Does Not Work

Design Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

Ceiling fan blade covers – The ceiling fan motors use two separate coils to start and run fan blades. At the beginning, the windings have a capacitor to increase the electrical power of the motor in order to start moving the blades. The capacitor can be considered as a battery that stores electrical energy giving the engine an extra push. A bad capacitor can cause the motor buzz, but it will not rotate the blades. A few simple tests will tell you whether the capacitor requires replacement, or if the full motor of the ceiling fan is bad.

Instructions Tests Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

Turn off the switch that powers the ceiling fan motor. Most ceiling fans have two switches in the ventilation unit. Check that the engine switch is off. If necessary, turn on the ceiling fan light. If the light comes on, enough power is being sent to the ceiling fan. If it does not turn on, check the fuse or circuit breaker. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker, and try again. If the fuse or circuit breaker burns out again, there is a serious electrical problem in the fan wiring. Contact an authorized electrician to correct the problem.

Turn ceiling fan blade covers by hand, without receiving electrical power. If the blades do not rotate freely and provide resistance, or if you hear a chirp, the ceiling fan bearings are in poor condition. In many cases, bearings in this state are very difficult to replace. Turn on the ceiling fan motor. While the engine is buzzing, turn the blades rapidly clockwise. The motor will do one of two things: the blades will accelerate and rotate, or the blades will slow down because they are rotating in the opposite direction to the fan’s directional switch. Any of these results shows that the capacitor needs replacement.

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