Own Making Table Make Up Ideas

Simple Own Making Table Make Up Ideas

Own making table make up is an easy task that anyone with minimal carpentry knowledge can achieve. An inexpensive way to create your own vanity is by checking second hand stores for used materials such as bedside tables and mirrors. This will not only save you money, but will allow you to reuse a piece of furniture and make it your very own. Remove the top surface of the bedside tables. If the upper parts are already flat, this is not necessary. Lay the night tables two to three feet apart, making sure they are even and on a completely flat surface. Measure the distance of the night tables from one end to the other and from top to bottom. Using the measurements you have just taken, draw reference lines on your plywood with your pencil.

How to own making table make up. Place the plywood on supports or a cutting board and cut along the lines with the hand saw, making sure to keep the lines straight. Be sure of that support is perfectly suited to plywood on the back of the two nightstands before connecting. Turn the night tables upside down, keeping them apart for the proper distance, and dispense a line of glue at the edges. Place the plywood in the back bonding of the bedside tables and allow drying for about one hour. This will keep the backrest in place while you place it.

Then to own making table make up. Drill holes about six inches apart through the plywood and edges of the bedside tables. This will make it easier to drill into screws. Make sure that when you pierce through the night tables, you drill through the actual wood and not the thin backing. Holes screws in the pre-fabricated holes, which attach the plywood backrest to the two bedside tables. When attached, turn the night tables back on your feet and make sure the backrest is securely fastened.