Patterns L Shaped Floor Plans For Beautiful Floor

L Shaped Floor Plans Option

L shaped floor plans – With the same material, but different colors and ways of placing it you can make the l shaped floor plans look totally different. Whether it is wood, ceramics, or marble. No matter what look you look for or the size of the room you are going to renovate, there is an installation pattern designed to suit your style. These some ideas to place and combine ceramic l shaped floor plans in your next remodeling. Variegated pattern; Composed of three tiles: two squares and one rectangular. The small square piece should be a quarter the size of the largest tile.

In this installation pattern the different pieces are continuously changed in various configurations. Such as a large and unpredictable puzzle. Objective pattern; It is formed with two sizes and shapes of tile. In this pattern, rectangular tiles enclose a square piece at its center. Very important: rectangular tiles must have the same square width, but twice its length. Basket weaves; pattern this pattern works best when two different colors are used in the l shaped floor plans tile. One color for the rectangular tile, and one for the square tile. To create a perfect assembly, select square tiles that are exactly half the width of the rectangular tile.

Square or circular decorative inserts in bright colors can help to better delineate the pattern. Try this: For a subtle finish, use bright square pieces with rectangles with matte finish, both with the same color. Pattern of the airplane; for this pattern you need two tiles of different sizes. In the final l shaped floor plans installation, the smaller tiles should look like they are jumping to the larger tiles. Simulating the infantile game of the airplane (or bebeleche). To add more complexity and add more visual interest, choose a decorative tile for all or some of the smaller pieces.

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