Pretty Vaulted Ceiling Crown Molding Decor

Vaulted Ceiling Crown Molding Room

Vaulted ceiling crown molding – Using ceiling moldings can add detail and sophistication to your decor. Molding is used in a variety of ways, from crown wrapping to framing ceiling to trim around ceiling fittings to entire wood ceiling coating. Researching creative options is to discover an idea that suits your tastes and space. Molding is a fairly common element in many homes. There are a number of different installation options for this type of molding.

Crown can be installed in a continuous line of fluid with mitered corners to frame entire ceiling. This method is quite traditional and works well in most styles. It requires specialized tools and a certain degree of ability to install. Using corner blocks to join crown is a bit more expensive, but it may be an option for do-it-yourselfer who is bullied by cutting miter. Many different corner block styles are available at home improvement centers. Choose one that best fits your existing woodwork or architectural style.

Combining items to achieve a custom crown look may be choice for you if you are not satisfied with pre-fabricated options available. Use a flat support plate to connect more molded to create a more recharged, or specific design for existing vaulted ceiling crown molding. Using fit to frame features is another way to incorporate molding into your ceiling designs. You can buy round plaster or molded plastic rings or medallions and use them to surround base of luminaries and ceiling fans where you install it on ceiling or you can use them on your own to create a focal point on a large ceiling.

Framing a section of ceiling is a good way to visually separate spaces that have shared ceilings of rooms. Apply flat moldings supported in a photo frame style to delimit individual spaces. Leave a single frame or create a more intricate pattern with multiple frames of size, one inside other. Multi-level ceilings, or tray, with workshop sections can benefit from vaulted ceiling crown molding. Run a line from same crown you used on ceiling board from wall to frame to each new level. Here you can use traditional miter joints or corner blocks.