Real Red Carpet Cake Ideas

Real Red Carpet Cake

Real Red Carpet Cake Ideas – For the next awards celebration, do not be content for regular champagne and snacks. Wow your friends and family with a red carpet cake instead. Although the real red carpet has a dress code, you can customize your cake to reflect any aspect of the stars that you like – for example, Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress. Channel your grade school art classes and start sculpting with sugar glass for an impressive cake of award-worthy proportions.

When people think of real red carpet events, they often think of Hollywood and its famous sign in Hollywood Hills. Restore the hills on the cake, along with the famous letters. Bake your favorite cake recipe as a half sheet or full sheet of cake, then frost with a dark glaze. Sculpt mountains of fondant, forming in their hands just like the model. Color fondant with gel food colors to create the mountains and the surrounding landscape. Look at a photo of the monument to get details just right. Finally, scramble letters like spell “HOLLYWOOD” of plain white fondant and mount them on the mountains. Use hidden toothpicks to keep the letters in place; Just do not let them stand out exposed from fondant or cake. Warn someone eating the cake to look out for toothpicks if using this method.

The recipient of your cake undoubtedly has some favorite stars – create them from fondant and dress them up nicely for the real red carpet! What’s especially awesome about making your own thumbnail numbers of stars is that the stars of different ages can mingle together. If you think Fred Astaire and George Clooney were going to hang out together, you could make it happen on your cake. Molded Hollywood fondant for each of the stars you represent. For best practices, make simplified versions of each star. It is possible to get good detail from fondant, it is also very time consuming.