Red Carpet 2017 Background In The Theater

Decorative Red Carpet 2017 Background

Red Carpet 2017 Background in The Theater – If you want to make a fantastic looking background for a rich, lavish environment then a red carpet background could look fantastic. Weather your production is a dinner party set in a rich mansion, a play on the royal family or celebrities, a red carpet will really show your background off. Colors are pretty self-explanatory. A red carpet is always red. Red signifies royalty and wealth. Since the type of play directly affects where your carpet will be situated below are some bullet points to see if you should have a red in your background. Remember to think about the length of your red carpet. Will it be just a short distance on your background, or will it stretch right across both sides. Will you have it occupying most of the background or only a small part? Another big thing you need to think about is what else you will have in the background. Are you having just the red carpet or other decorations?

Think about whether you want tables either side of the red carpet 2017 background, or perhaps people standing either side. If you are including celebrities you may want to paint photographers on to give it that authentic feeling. Or perhaps if your carpet background is for someone who is not a celebrity think carefully about what would be around them. You don’t want to end up having a red carpet surrounded by photographers if the person to walk down it is not famous and unheard of.

Finally you will want to think about what colors you will use for everything else but red. Try and use colors that don’t really stand out that much to emphasize the red carpet 2017 background as much as possible. Grays and whites are good, and will help to bring out the red in carpet. Also if you are having people in the background make sure they don’t block out all of the red carpet if they are standing there lining it, as that would ruin the affect. As you can see there is a lot to take in, so just take your time and make sure you don’t overcrowd the final image and make sure you get the colors right.