Red Carpet Background Wall

Red Carpet Background Stair

Red carpet background – Red is a happy and warming In addition to home decor programs. It is easy to use in small amounts in pillows, small ornaments, and throws carpets to add a touch of color. But a big red surface like carpets presents some unique challenges. Choosing the right shade of wall paint can fill the red floor without impairing its main role in the interior.


Consult the color wheel and locate red one of the primary colors; the other two are blue and yellow. Mix the primary colors results in the secondary colors purple (red plus blue), orange (red plus yellow), and green (. Blue plus yellow) notice that the green is located red on the color wheel; Green, the complementary color is red carpet background. The colors on either side of the red are orange-red and purple-red. They on each side of green are yellow-green and blue-green. These are called tertiary colors.

The cold colors of blue, green and purple make a room looks bigger and more restful. The warm colors stand out, or advance, for the human eye. Cool colors decrease. Consider carefully using red complementary color, green. A deep red carpet background can be used successfully with a lighter shade of green or its relatives, blue-green and yellow-green. The choice of blue-green or yellow-green is an example of a shared complementary color scheme, very attractive in many rooms. But a green shade that is of the same intensity as the red carpet has sensory overload; the colors will collide.

Install a variety of color chips and wallpaper samples of different shades of green, blue green and yellow-green. Make sure the wallpaper samples are large enough to present an idea of ​​how the pattern would coordinate with carpets. After selecting some true shades of color chips, go back to the color department or store and buy small jars of each shade. Paint pieces of plaster with each color, and support these samples against the wall. Take a few steps back and compare the results. It will be obvious which shades work with your carpets and that does not.