Silver Carpet For Indian Homes

Silver Carpet Stairs

Silver Carpet – Given the rainy season lasting for several months in India, there are many aspects to consider when considering home care needs. In fact, it’s a good idea to ask a professional to check your home, old or new, before the wet season and make sure you find and fix a recurring problem. Once it’s fixed, after the rainy season, you can plunge into the decorating aspect. The seepage on the foundation wall may be due to a leaky downspout. This problem should be fixed before the rainy season. The cause can be overwhelming, so corrective action can only be done when the cause of the problem is determined.

In this article we will provide information about silver carpet. Stopping gap steps is less helpful, as the problem may recur next year. Termites are a major problem where water leakage or high moisture levels are a feature. They will ask professionals to do a truly complete job, but you need to check the whole house to find out signs of termite attack, which tends to increase during the rainy season. Some solutions are easy to do for wood. Put Camphor in your closet, this will remove moisture and protect your clothes. Neem leaves are also effective against silver fish, which is a common problem in the rainy season. Cloves are equally effective.

Silver carpet requires care during the rainy season. Make sure they are free of moisture and candles to protect them. The water content on hardwood floors makes them curved. Carpets, especially wall-to-wall carpets need to be sucked regularly with a cleanser that will take not only dirt but also moisture that seeps into the fibers. Nice carpet layers will also make them smell bad. Carpets should be rolled up during the rainy season, because they only become dirty if you use them. Ideally if you can wrap it properly in polyethylene sheets, they will be saved from water damage and insects as well.