Some Facts About Indian Cool Carpets

Cool Carpets Inter

Cool Carpets – Carpet weaving is a magnificent tradition of India. The Indian carpet industry was heavily indebted to the Mughal Dynasty. They brought carpet weaving techniques from Persia to India. The mughal rugs are very good in their magnificent beauty and glory. Various materials such as hemp, bamboo, silk, yarn, cotton etc. are used in manufacturing. Indian varieties are hand-tied very beautiful.

Industry cool carpets spread in various states. Each country has its own traditions and qualities in the weaving process. Carpet seam chains, gabbe wool and tufted woolen rugs are considered well-known in the international market. Ladakh, Darjeeling, West Bengal, Sikkim and Manipur are the biggest wool carpet manufactures. Best grade wool wool is used to make high quality woolen rugs. Traditional weavers never use chemicals to clean wool instead because they use natural ritha.

Because cool carpets India uses asymmetric solid knots mixed with extraordinary beauty and quality, old carpets also get superior resale value. Flowers, dragons, animal designs etc are the different patterns found in this carpet. Typical Indian varieties are red with yellow, pink, blue, and green, orange. Borders are made with dark colors that match the inner color pattern. Amritsar, Agra (UP), Jaipur and Eluru and Warangal are other good quality rug areas.

Most of the carpet weavers are present in the Mirzapur-Bhadohi belt in Uttar Pradesh. Of India’s total production, 90% of production is made in this area. Quality can be judged on various factors such as number of vertices per unit area, design and color, yarn quality, firmness, thickness and appearance. The best quality Indian carpets come from Kashmir. Silk and wool are the main raw materials used. The average piece of Kashmir includes 500 knots per square inch. Traditional paisley leaves and flowers are the main attraction cool carpets of Kashmir.


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