Super Cool Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Big Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Helicopter ceiling fan – “I want a silent fan.” This is priority of many of our clients. And it is logical that before buying a ceiling fan, one of aspects that most concern is whether it will be quiet enough, especially if it is to be installed in a bedroom.  At higher speed, more noise. Not so much because of engine, but above all because of small seseo of blades when cutting air. Hence our previous recommendation: better a large fan spinning slowly than a small spinning fast. DC motors, which are gradually becoming more popular, are quieter and consume much less – up to 60%! – Than conventional ac (AC).

Very important, especially when it comes to engine. legendary Hunter ceiling helicopter ceiling fan, for example, is extremely quiet and reliable. Even though they are AC, they are manufactured to a very high quality standard: copper winding of motor, its bearings and its casing make difference with regard to most economical models. Anyway, we insist: any fan of a recognized brand (Faro, Hunter, Fanimation, Westinghouse, etc.) is silent and appropriate for most situations.  Materials used to make blades of most ceiling fans are wood, steel and plastic. Wood is a warm material and easy to combine with furniture of room. However, it can deform with heat and humidity, so it is not advisable to choose this material for outdoor spaces or kitchen or bathroom.

Normally wood is of laminated veneer type, for its lightness and low cost. Of three, this is most fragile material. plastic is a durable material and easy to maintain, and often used in modern design helicopter ceiling fan. Under high temperature conditions it may deform. Finally, metal blades are very durable, durable and easy to clean. However, it is most dangerous material in case of contact with fan running, so it is best to avoid fans with such blades in children’s rooms. It is ideal, for example, in a kitchen.