Tidy With Paper Flip For Desk Staples

Cute Paper Flip For Desk Staples

Paper flip for desk staples – Discover how a simple clipboard can be a mobile charger base or even a fantastic cable arranging tool. The paper clip is an instrument that cannot miss in your office, is the general manager of the stationery: maintains the order of papers nothing replaces it, nor can staple with as many sheets as they, are the company CEO desk. But in this post dedicated to these magical instruments that keep order we are going to talk about a few more creative uses, which can be given outside the desk and with a little imagination will become the perfect ally in your home and office.

If you are like me you will know how difficult it is to have your cables organized, I on my desk have my PC, my printer, my mobile phone, USB connections, cameras, chargers and more. A very simple way to organize this leafy jungle of cables is to take 4 hold paper flip for desk staples and place them on your desk the way it appears in the picture. Wire the cables and small connections that can be introduced easily, not forced. If you have a connection that you cannot enter through the hole of the wire does not worry you can extract the wire introduce the wire and leave the head out of the hole and replace the wire as it appears.

If you really are not very tidy and everything is lying on your desk, I bring you a simple and even aesthetic way to organize your cables with paper flip for desk staples. Just roll them delicately and when you have everything organized press them as in the image and ready organized cables. If you want to make it look better use colored paper clips or you can put stickers, a fan friend of Hello Kitty has beautiful pink paper clips with stickers of this character that are super cutie.

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