To Create Beautiful Gypsum Pop Ceiling Design

Create Gypsum Pop Ceiling Design

Gypsum pop ceiling design – Buying molds you would like to use. They can be found at craft shops or purchased from online retailers. The styles you choose do not even have to be plaster molds, especially – candy molds also work well. Create the design you want to apply on your ceiling by arranging plaster molds in different patterns. Draw a sketch of the finished product, so you know how many throws you will need for each shape. Mix your plaster by following the instructions on the package. Fill a plastic or bucket of water and dry the plaster over the water surface, sift it through your fingers until the entire surface is coated. Leave the powder to sit for 2 minutes. Then stir the mixture from the bottom with a metal teaspoon.

Stir gypsum slowly and evenly until it becomes thick until plaster reaches the consistency of whole milk is ready for use. Coat the inside of your molds gypsum pop ceiling design with cooking oil. Pour gypsum into the molds; fill them all the way to the top. Put the molds side to dry. This could take from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the mold. After 30 minutes, gently push your finger to the plaster. If it feels hot or if your finger leaves a print, the plaster is not completely set. Gypsum pop ceiling design cuttings out of the molds by turning the shapes on the head over your hand and gently push the casting out of the back and into your open hand. Insert gypsum pieces in a warm sunny area or near a radiator to dry for twenty four hours.

Transfer your sketched design to the ceiling in pencil. Use a tape measure or a ruler and mark the exact position for each of the gypsum shapes. Paint your gypsum pop ceiling design shapes. Allow paint to set for several hours until dry. Touch a layer of clear food acrylic sealer to protect the mold from moisture. .Take the sealant dries overnight. Attach gypsum castings to the ceiling by spreading a 1/4 inch layer of sealant on the back of each piece with a spatula. Push the molds into the ceiling at the desired place and hold each in place for 30 to 60 seconds. Apply any holes around Shape the sealant to create a coherent appearance.

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