Tongue Groove Wood Ceilings Installation

Best Tongue Groove Wood Ceilings Installation

Tongue Groove Wood Ceilings Installation – The tongue and the groove are an installation system where wood planks are clustered together on the sides by matching paintings. A tongue fits into a groove. It is usually used for floors, but the system can be used for all surfaces that will be covered with shelf, including ceiling. Thanks boards in general are also longer than the boards. They will stretch over the entire length of the area and weigh less.

Things you need to tongue groove wood ceilings installation: Electronic control detector, Level, Pen, Measuring tape, Note and spent wood roof boards, Saw, Small nail gun and Table Saw.  Select all the rules in the ceiling after locating them with an electronic control detector using a level and pen. Measure the roof length from one edge to the other while running perpendicular to the rules. Transfer this measurement to a groove and spring wooden roof on board. Cut the board straight over the measured length using a saw.

Tongue groove wood ceilings installation. Hold the board in the ceiling, at the start edge, with the track of the board against the wall and sits 3/8ths of an inch from it. This leaves room for expansion wood. Attach the board with nails; shoot with a small nail gun through the board’s face in each rule. Shoot two nails for each rule. Cut the next Board according the size that corresponds to the first one. Adjust the path in the next Board above the tongue first. Set the nozzle of the gun in the outer edge of the card, just above the tongue, and push the nail into it at the first rule. Do the same thing for every point where a Board across a regulation. Repeat for each roof liner, nailing them from the side so that the nail head is hidden by the next Board. Continue up the roof closed. Cut the length of the last Board to fit a far wall that allows 3/8ths of an inch there.