Unique Ceiling Wood Planks

Rustic Ceiling Wood Planks

Ceiling wood planks – Although it may be the biggest single surfaces in each room and the last thing we see at night the ceilings are often overlooked by home remodelers as an option to differentiate the house during renovation or improvement project. However, 98 percent of all homes built today white plaster, which is commonly used for the surface of the ceiling, according to a study carried out by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). This circumstance constitutes a unique opportunity for homeowners to create a warm, inviting, customized look in their homes for less money than they would spend money on a few other renovation projects, less noticeable. Many products of the surface of the ceiling of the new and affordable are now on the market. Armstrong Construction Products is a leader in industrial products-loft, a company that is committed to examining the possibility of a unique design to the ceiling. Through many different lines from the ceiling that are unique, such as boards, ceiling tiles patterned and textured ceiling panels, homeowners now have a number of loft reconditioning options.

Many products of the new ceiling wood planks of the market suitable for the installation of homeowners, makes a surprisingly affordable loft renovation project for the homeowner who is willing to handle this type of renovation project. “We want to design high-end customers, but the prices that have been achieved,” said Bill Vaughn, marketing Manager of the Division of Armstrong’s residential ceilings. “Line of wood Garden (TM), for example, provides a warm, comfortable, wooden beamed ceilings grain boards for a fraction of the cost of wooden ceilings.

Wood garden ceiling wood planks are constructed of medium density fiberboard, so they are lightweight, durable and easy for do-it-yourself to install. The heavy and groove used to allow this ceiling boards for installed cracks or textured surfaces, making this kind of item is ideal for use in juvenile psychiatric homes where the ceiling surface there is anything but ideal palate. Homeowners interested in capturing a bit of old world charm in her home more modern, Armstrong also offers a collection of system ceiling tile tin-look that mimics the look of centuries was pressed metal ceiling. A quick visit to the Institute of Paint in your local DIY Center can easily adapt these tiles to suit any home décor. Very popular among homeowners is making finished in bronze color, Tin or silver. Antique washing can also be used to highlight textures and patterns looking Tin ceiling slabs.

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