Warm Contemporary Hardwood For Ceilings

Contemporary Hardwood For Ceilings And Stair

Contemporary hardwood for ceilings – The roof is one of the fundamental parts of the construction of a house and if they are formed by main beams, wrought beams and wooden beams, then they are an extra decorative component in our house, becoming the most appreciated element and which takes all eyes. The roof if it is in the last floor is denominated cover, that can be horizontal or to a water or two waters. The wood provides warmth to the space where it is found that no other material gives it. One of example is wooden gable deck, which has its longitudinal main beam and cross-forged beams, has an aged pickled finish, which has achieved a finish impregnated slightly in white and with the background of the color of the wood Original. While the conveyed one who is also of wooden planks has been covered with several layers of white paint.

The contrast gives a very rustic and original tone to the whole. This time, both the vertical and the horizontal facings of spruce wood have been designed. Both walls have been executed with strips of wood about 10 centimeters wide, which are cladding or paneling. In the case of the roof is a false contemporary hardwood for ceilings that will be received to a structure of main beams and beams of the roof that supports it. The designers have managed to create very warm and welcoming spaces.

Another is an eave of a wooden deck, which has a longitudinal beam of dark color supported in the outer enclosure of the house and of that longitudinal beam are born embedded in the same, small beams in cantilever also of dark color, turned with finishes Curved, on which supports an interview of boards in light color, which are finished off by a beam of edge of the same color as the contemporary hardwood for ceilings. The joint with the mixed ceramic tile seen, is architecturally very successful. These tiles lightly flown in relation to the edge beam pour the rainwater directly to the ground.