What Characteristics Of Textured Ceiling Paint

Airless Textured Ceiling Paint

Textured ceiling paint – Ceiling fans and ceiling fans are electric fans hanging from the ceiling for cooling. However, there are huge differences between the two types of fans. It is better to choose the most suitable and safe fan.

Ceiling fans are essentially the same as wall-mounted fans, but are designed textured ceiling paint slightly differently to be installed on the ceiling. Ceiling fans also operate with three wind speeds, a damping mode such as a wall fan. Advantages: Compact, easy to install, a low vibration so it can be installed in the ceiling position is not so strong or low ceiling. The air flow is moderate, do not fly papers, utensils below. An important advantage is a safe use, because the cage should protect even when unfortunately crashed does not endanger many users.

The ceiling fan was born long, used by many families, in addition to cooling function also used to decorate textured ceiling paint when equipped with lights.

Disadvantages: The air flow is not large, so it is only good for small rooms, rooms with low ceilings, if the room is the large or high ceiling, almost underneath is not cool. Ceiling fan is used with a large wingspan, strong speed without a protective cage. When the vibration operation is large, it should be installed on a concrete ceiling with a hanger to be fixed before. The ceiling fan must have a minimum height of 3 meters and the propeller head should be at least 0.8 meters from the wall. Ceiling fans are often much more expensive than ceiling fans, some of which cost hundreds of millions of dong.

From above analyses, it can be concluded that the ceiling fan should be used in office, low ceiling, room with an area less than 15m2. If you have conditions you should use ceiling fan with remote control. High durability, use more convenient. Thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about characteristics of textured ceiling paint.